10 Best WordPress Hosting Sites of 2022 (Compared)

Good web hosting is a key component in a successful website. Choosing the best WordPress hosting sites can increase sales as well as help you improve your SEO. Having the best WordPress web hosting help you deliver a high-performance experience. It is different from regular hosting which only gives you hosting of your WordPress website on a specific server.

Choosing the right WordPress hosting service for a WordPress website is vital for the reliability and health of your website. It relies on the hosting provider you choose. The selected WordPress hosting providers in this list are the best in terms of their service and quality.

Now the issue lies in how to select the best WordPress web host. There are several WordPress hosting options available such as managed, dedicated, cloud ,VPS, shared and free WordPress hosting.

We have created a comparison for the best WordPress hosting services. This list is purely based on user ratings, speed tests, and performance data. We have also included a comparison chart at the end for the top WordPress hosting companies. So, if you are short of time then simply have a look at the table to determine what is best for your business.

All these providers are tested and monitored. So, if you are starting a WordPress blog, a portfolio site or a small business, here are the 11 best WordPress hosting providers.

Table of Content
  • 10 Best WordPress Hosting Sites
    • 1. Bluehost
    • 2. WPEngine
    • 3. Kinsta
    • 4. Siteground
    • 5. Hostgator
    • 6. A2Hosting
    • 7. Dreamhost
    • 8. Flywheel
    • 9. Hostinger
    • 9. GoDaddy
    • 10. Nexcess
  • What are the WordPress Hosting Requirements?
  • Things to consider when choosing a WordPress Hosting
  • Comparision Table
  • Who wins the battle to become the best WordPress hosting site?

The Top 11 Best WordPress Hosting Sites of 2022

1. Bluehost

The Best for New WordPress Sites

Bluehost is one of the most renowned brand names when it comes to WordPress hosting. It is the web hosting service that is recommended by WordPress itself. Therefore, it is the best option for anyone creating a new website as a beginner. The plus of Bluehost is that it provides you with a free domain name and one-click WordPress installation.

Performance (Uptime & Page Speed)

Bluehost provides excellent uptime with super fast speed. It is always 100%. however, only reduces to 99.98%. The loading times are also very fast in different parts of the world i.e.1.82s to 2.55s.

WordPress Installation

It offers a standard cPanel option that facilitates WordPress installation with a single click. These installations are powered by MojoMarketplace service.

MojoMarketplace installation interface provides enough features for a WordPress installation. The overall outcome of the actual installment remains confusing and inconsistent because of the accidental installations at multiple instances.

However, it gives instant support in case of any issue through the installation process.

Customer Support

Chat support and service is friendly and fast according to the online reviews. The customer support helps to clear up the installation problems during the initial steps. In addition, it generates a temporary URL to have a visual demo of the website.

Pricing and Plans

Bluehost is the most cost-effective WordPress hosting that costs only $2.95 per month for Codeless readers. The basic package provides you with enough features that fulfill the basic needs of a small business. It, however, does not offer a monthly package. Instead, it requires a commitment of twelve months at least. It is topped with a full money-back guarantee policy.

If you choose to pay monthly, it will cost you $8.99 per month for 1 website and 1 domain. In this package, you get unmetered bandwidth and 50GB of space.

Online Reputation

It is rated 4.8/5 overall on the internet. It is the most popular web host used in Canada, UK and the US. 23.7 % of beginners prefer to use Bluehost as their WordPress host.

2. WPEngine

The Best for Managed WordPress Hosting

WPEngine provides managed WordPress hosting and leads the service with expert support and concierge. They offer a set of exclusive tools specifically designed to help you take your WordPress experience to a new level. It is the best option for those who run multiple sites and online stores on WordPress. Thus, you get high-performance sites without worrying about WordPress maintenance service or a developer.

Performance (Uptime & Page Speed)

WP Engine offers a consistent 100% uptime. The superfast speed plays a great role in high performance. The loading time ranges between 1.33s to 3.54s in different parts of the world.

WordPress Installation

WP provides a very straightforward signup process. It is the most integral step at the start of the process. However, you do not have to do any installation on your own. Instead, WP Engine will take care of that for your ease. After installation and signing up, you get an email that mentions all the important data and credentials to access the website.

Customer Support

It offers great customer support during and after your installation process is over. They offer great support through chats and helpdesk.

The online reviews tell that the support of WP Engine is good quality. The quick interaction also shows their positive behavior towards support.  

Pricing and Plans

WP Engine offers managed hosting at $20 per month for 12 months. The personal plan is best for an entry-level program. It provides 1 WordPress installation and can handle over 25,000 visits per month. Cost of month-to-month payment is $27 which offers 10GB space, 25,000 bandwidth per 50GB.

Above all, all the domains for all your websites with WP Engine are free.

Online Reputation

The reliability rank is found to be 4.5 by the reviewers. Most of the users want to renew their subscriptions with WP Engine. In terms of optimization, WP ranks at 4.7 ratings.

3. Kinsta

The Best Premium Hosting Provider

Kinsta offers its own fully customized control panel and infrastructure that is personalized to exclusively work with WordPress. They focus on improving WordPress performance. This is made possible with 25 data centers throughout the world and has now become the best and the most reliable in the hosting market.

They offer premium packages at a high cost but the quality of service is worth the cost.

Performance (Uptime & Page Speed)

Among all the managed hosting providers, Kinsta is the best performer. It provides 100% uptime with a very negligible downtime of a few seconds only.

The loading time is not superfast as other hosting websites in this list. But their loading time ranges from 1.35s to 4.79s.

WordPress Installation

Kinsta being a managed WordPress host installs WordPress on your hosting account. Just tick the relevant box to ask Kinsta to do these tasks for you.

Customer Support

Kinsta is good at customer support. It provides ticket support and 24/7 chat. The support team is professional and knowledgeable that you get help for anything you are struggling with.

It does not require you to use cPanel which means you will have fewer chances to get into trouble and contact the support team.

Pricing and Plans

The month to month cost is $30 which provides 25,000 visits of bandwidth, 10 GB space, 1 website, free domains and unlimited free migrations and CDN services.

The Pro plan costs $60 per month with 2 WordPress install, 50,000 visits, 20 GB disk space and Free SSL and CDN. Business plan1costs $100 per month. With this package you get 100,000 visits, 5 WordPress installs, 30 GB disk space and a free CDN and SSL certificate.

All the plans offer a 30-days full money-back guarantee.

Online Reputation

It is expensive but offers full value for money. The online customers rate it 4.3 out of 5 for this characteristic. In terms of optimization, Kinsta is rated 4.8 by the online reviewers.

4. Siteground

The Best choice for Affordable WordPress Hosting

SiteGround is the highest-rated and the most popular hosting service for WordPress websites. They provide outstanding security solutions and WordPress speed to make your site extremely secure and fast.

SiteGround is also a WordPress recommended hosting provider. The most pronounced features include GIT version control, one-click staging, free SSL, free CDN, daily backup WP caching, and automatic upgrades.

Performance (Uptime & Page Speed)

SiteGround provides 100% uptime. And the loading speed also varies between 1.14s to 3.8s in different parts of the world.

WordPress Installation

Installing WordPress and running all the built-in installers take only a few clicks with SiteGround. The installation process is simple.

Make sure to choose the server location before the setup process starts. This is because SiteGround operated in five data centres around the globe. The major data centres are in Europe, Asia and the USA.

Customer Support

SiteGround offers outstanding support through social media, tickets, phone and chat. They are very quick in responding to all types of queries. They can directly access your account to resolve the issue along.

The support agents are highly knowledgeable about WordPress hosting and WordPress installation wizards. Therefore, they can help you with all types of issues that are not related to hosting. They even generate a temporary URL efficiently and quickly on demand.

The staff is always ready and available to provide account screenshots and detailed advice on anything regarding running an account smoothly.

Pricing and Plans

The per month cost for a 12-month commitment is $3.99 and for 24 months commitment. You can also get a 36-month commitment where it costs you $9.09 per month. The month-to-month cost is high i.e. 19.99.

In this plan, you get 1 website, 10 GB space and 10,000 visits for bandwidth with free domain name registration, WP installations, auto-updates, migrations, CDN and SSL. Also, you get free email and daily backups as well.

Online Reputation

More than 90% of the users comment on getting their subscriptions with SiteGround renewed. It is the most popular host in Spain and is in the second position in the UK list of hosting providers. The overall online rating is 8.38 out of 10.

5. Hostgator

The Best WordPress Hosting Offer for Codeless Readers

Another popular hosting service is Hostgator which over 8 million websites are already using. It offers WordPress and Joomla hosting and lets you optimize all the features to fulfill your needs of an eCommerce website. Hostgator offers hosting with the automatic installer and therefore, it is easy to install in a few clicks.

Moreover, Hostgator offers you dedicated, VPS, cloud and shared hosting. It means the service is ideal for all sorts of niches and all levels of traffic towards the shopping carts. In addition, it also gives you a free private SSL certificate and IP address.

Hostgator offers unrestricted storage and bandwidth so you can accommodate your large websites easily. The cPanel is also flexible with a user-friendly interface. There are unlimited email accounts and sub-domains in Hostgator hosting.

Performance (Uptime & Page Speed)

The uptime you get with Hostgator is 99.9 percent. The online reviews prove that the uptime provided by the service is the same as promised. The loading time is 1.12s to 3.23s in different parts of the world.

WordPress Installation

Installing WordPress with HostGator is a painless process. There is a built-in cPanel for a WordPress installation. There is also a theme updating option after installation. It takes only a few clicks to perform this action.

Customer Support

There is a toll-free number that helps you 24/7 with all your issues. However, reviewers reported a long waiting time on chat. The support is not so quick on chat but it directs in the right direction.

Pricing and Plans

The 12 months plan costs $3.95 per month and the 24 months commitment costs $3.45 per month. 36 months commitment costs $2.75 and the month to month payment plan costs $10.95. These basic plans provide 1 website, unmetered space and 100,000 visits bandwidth and 1 free domain.

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The business plan offers 3 sites, 500k visits, 3 GB backups, a free SSL certificate and a domain at an introductory price of $9.95 per month.  

All the WordPress hosting plans offer a 45-day money-back guarantee.

Online Reputation

Over 70% of the reviewers/users plan to renew their HostGator subscriptions. It is the most popular host in Brazil and is not very common in the UK and the USA. Overall online rating of HostGator is 7.5 out of 10.

6. A2Hosting

The Fastest Page Loading Times

A2 Hosting is an independently owned company that excels in terms of speed. A2 provides both managed and shared hosting optimized for your WordPress plan. The migration of your account is also free in both cases.

A2 is a good option if you want to switch to a more resource and feature-rich platform with managed hosting. A2 is, therefore, best for providing free migrations. It allows you to use plugins to automate most of your processes. Thus, it provides a problem-free and stress-free transfer. A2 host is one of the fastest WordPress hostings.

They offer top-rated support at extraordinarily low pricing. It includes remarkable features for your WordPress hosting plans. Ecommerce integrations, Cloudflare free CDN compatibility, hack defense and Virus scanning are just a few of the main features it provides. 

Performance (Uptime & Page Speed)

A2 provides an excellent uptime with 100% performance. The loading time is, however, a bit slower than the other hosting providers in this list. Their loading time varied between 2.64s and 5.09 s in different servers around the world.

WordPress Installation

A2 Hosting has all your WordPress accounts pre-installed. However, you can also install new updated WordPress accounts with Softaculous. A2 Hosting has a Softaculous one-click installer which makes it easier for you to install your WordPress accounts.

Customer Support

The Guru Crew Support of A2 Hosting is available 24/7/365. They claim to provide a highly knowledgeable team of support agents.

You can get support on phone, email and live chat. If it is about basic knowledge of the WordPress account or installation process, you will never be disappointed by the technicians. They also recommend quick solutions even if your query is other than hosting.

Pricing and Plans

A2 hosting offers very attractive plans. The basic plan is suitable for a single site. Further, you can easily upgrade to get resources and additional sites which are kept cost-effective with all A2 plans.

There are Turbo Max and Turbo Boost plans that also work for increasing performance. It enables you to manage over nine times more traffic with A2 turbo servers while increasing your site speed to over 20 times.

The managed hosting plan starts from $10.99 per month with a three-year commitment. The three bigger plans offer unlimited websites except for the startup plan that offers only 1 website. Drive plan includes unlimited SSD storage while Turbo Max and Turbo Drive provide free NVMe Storage.

Above all, all four WordPress web hosting plans of A2 hosting provide a money-back guarantee.

Online Reputation

The overall ratings of A2 Hosting in online reviews are 7.7 out of 10.

7. Dreamhost

The Best Month-to-Month paying WordPress Hosting

DreamHost is known for being an easy web hosting solution for years. It provides you with a free SSD, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited space, and automatic updates for WordPress, a 1-click installation of WordPress and a custom dashboard.

DreamHost is also an officially recommended WordPress hosting provider. Unlike the other two WordPress recommended providers; BlueHost and SiteGround, DreamHost offers month-to-month rates that are highly competitive.

It also includes a free domain name in the first year. Thus, you save more. Also, it ensures domain privacy in the same package. Dreamhost offers web hosting that ensures secure and fast hosting. They guarantee the users of high-quality search and visiting experience. Promotional domains and hosting offers are also present for new customers and account registrations.

DreamHost is super easy to use with all the available features of web hosting. The reliable and fast tool suite lets you retain your ranking in the search engine, conversion and customers. The hosting for WordPress offers optimized preconfigured and performance maintenance. It offers free domain names along with email hosting and SSD storage for a webpage. DreamHost for WordPress hosting is integrated with Virtual Private Servers which provide Node.js, Nginx, IPv6, Ubuntu, and HTTP/2 flexibility.

Performance (Uptime & Page Speed)

It gives quite a lower uptime, i.e. 99.66. However, the average uptime is 99.99%. The loading time of the web hosting server from DreamHost ranges from 0.95s to 3.17s in different parts of the world.

WordPress Installation

There are options for one-click installation in the backend. The installation process is straightforward. The interface is also simple to navigate the required account type.

Customer Support

Customer support is possible via chat and phone calls as well. The calls and chats are easily reachable. Also, they are quick to respond and resolve the issue.

Pricing and Plans

WordPress or simple website hosting starts at $2.59 per month. The cost of the .com domain is $6.99. The major plus of DreamHost is its free migration offers for all WordPress websites. Above all, there is a 97-day money-back guarantee which is not offered by any other host.

DreamHost offers long contracts and discounts on such contracts. The starter plan for a month costs $4.99. However, there is no long-term contract or commitment. In the first year, you get a free domain name. The space and bandwidth you get at this price are unmetered.

The higher plans also offer custom caching, on-demand backups, optimized hosting, and professional staging etc.

Online Reputation

It is highly user-friendly. It is rated 4.4 out of 5 in the online reviews for the value of money in return for the features it offers.

8. Flywheel

Best Managed WordPress Hosting for Starters

Flywheel is a client-focused managed WordPress hosting. It has thoughtfully created the tool to manage all the websites while you focus on the growth of your business.

It offers an effortless hosting experience for users who are less tech-savvy and more business-oriented. So you don’t have to worry about the technical issues with your websites. The intuitive dashboard easily manages sites, and cooperate with clients and co-workers to grow your business.

The most important features that it offers include easy management of websites either they are 100 or one, collaboration with clients, bills’ transfer, restore and run nightly backups and update DNS and add free SSL.  

With Flywheel, you get an all-in-one solution for freelancers and agencies. Growth Suite provides you with the features that allow you to predictably and quickly grow. In this regard, it offers features such as agency-branded client experience, Google Analytics integration for client reports, one-time and recurring invoicing, and growth dashboard and client management tools.

On one login you can access all your sites. SFTP is highly simplified in Flywheel which keeps the data extra safe and secure.

Flywheel is highly focused on WordPress. Everything is extremely professional and knowledgeable from the support team to servers.

Performance (Uptime & Page Speed)

It provides very impressive load time on every sit. This feature is backed by the Google Cloud Platform. So you don’t need any further configuration with any external or third-party plugin. The built-in tool further assists in boosting the speed for the team as well as solo creators. The loading time varies from 0.12s to 0.15s in different parts of the world.

No downtime was reported with an average uptime of 99.99.

WordPress Installation

WordPress installation is as easy as a piece of cake! No, literally. Several options make it even easier to install WordPress. Site migration from the previous host is the primary step which is free with Flywheel. Freewheel also lets you create a new site from the dashboard. It only takes a couple of clicks.

Also, there is a tool, Local by Flywheel that makes website creation easy on all types of devices. Later, after building your website, you can export it to your Flywheel setup.

Customer Support

You can get customer support available 24/7 with Live Chat. They also submit tickets all the time. Since Flywheel only offers its services with WordPress, you will find them highly knowledgeable about WordPress services.

An extensive knowledge base is allowed to make things even easier. There is extensive documentation with helpful articles to help you through the WordPress hosting platform

Pricing and Plans

The four tiers of pricing plans are available that start from $12 per month. If you take a one-year subscription that it will cost you $135 per year. This Tiny plan gives you 20GB bandwidth, 2 GB disk and 5000 monthly visits.

The Starter plan costs $23 per month which costs $270 for a year subscription. The upgraded plans provide more bandwidth, more disk space and increase monthly visits as well.

All the plans offer 3 months trial period. They also provide custom-built plans in which they offer all kinds of WordPress requirements and sites whether you are on a mission-critical project or working on 100+ websites.

Online Reputation

Online review shows that in terms of pricing it is rated 4.7 and for the features and ease of use, users rated it 4.5 and 4.8, respectively. The overall rating of the service is 4.4 out of 5.

9. Hostinger

The Best for Cheap WordPress Hosting

Hostinger is becoming more popular in the WordPress industry. It is because of their cheap WordPress hosting plans and a robust dashboard that support your websites as a host. It offers one-click WordPress installation, free site migration, WordPress speed acceleration, free CDN, enhanced security, and managed automatic updates.

The most important feature of Hostinger is its geolocation-specific hosting. Their data centers are located at 7 different locations around the world including South America, Asia, Europe and the USA. So you can also consider it as an offshore hosting platform

It is an employee-owned hosting provider. Hostinger provides superfast results on cheap plans. These two aspects are the core of their attraction for the users. It offers both Linux and Windows hosting.

With Hostinger, you can have varied hosting types that all are ranked high with 5 stars. It supports WordPress, cloud, VPS and shared hosting. Despite the low prices it offers, there are thousands of features at the cheapest rate. The shared plan at the lowest cost includes 100GB bandwidth, 10GB storage and an SSL certificate.

Hostinger does not provide daily backups that might not work for everyone. But weekly backups are enough if you do not update your website all the time. 

Performance (Uptime & Page Speed)

Not only this, it offers a lot more features. However, the most important drawback of using Hostinger is that it offers quite low uptime, i.e. 99.90%.

The loading time varies for different parts of the world. It ranges from 1.12s to 3.67s.

WordPress Installation

Honsinger offers WordPress installation with one click. So there is nothing more to discuss.

However, you need to select the desired or nearest data centre for your websites. These data centers are in Lithuania, Netherlands, Brazil, Singapore, India, Indonesia, UK and the US.

After logging into the user panel, you get the site setup wizard. Hostinger provides you with a set of its pre-approved wordpress themes and selects the one that is the best fit for your website.

Customer Support

Hostinger claims to provide 24/7 support. It is easy to contact the support team which comprises all knowledgeable professionals to fulfill your general inquiries. The response may take a few minutes but that’s worth it because you always get your issue resolved.

Pricing and Plans

Hostinger stands at the top of the list of best host that provides discounted prices. Their affordable prices also provide a wide range of options that makes it the best. The discount prices start from only $0.99 each month.

The ultimate plans that are the richest in terms of features include extraordinary options such as over 100 email accounts, free backup packages, unlimited bandwidth and over 100GB storage.For a starter business, Hostinger offers special features but it does not provide dedicated hosting.

The ultra-competitive introductory pricing plans work well for business sites. The renewal rate is always higher than the introductory prices. Also, if you are looking for a low-cost yet good hosting plan that is optimized for WordPress, Hostinger is a good option. You also get a 30-day free trial.

Online Reputation

Online customer reviews show that it is rated 4.3 out of 5.

9. GoDaddy

It is one of the most popular hosting companies that offer large scale services for businesses. It features the proprietorial control panel and VPS which makes it easy to use.

Moreover, GoDaddy offers regular malware scans and backups. All your files are stored in a cloud at the cost of a little fee. Even beginners feel it is easy to work with GoDaddy because of the inclusion of the drag and drop tool for page building. Thus, it facilitates you with all the requirements including hosting to build a professional-looking website.

GoDaddy offers a combination of related hosting services. It provides the best hosting with excellent hosting service. It is an internet giant that offers the best of features among all its competitors. GoDaddy offers reliable servers such that you experience super fast speed and excellent uptime for your customers.

You also get WHMCS and cPanel in your services. It is very easy to set up a storefront with the resell domains and hosting , margin setup and company name for extra profit. It provides over-the-top services by giving extras. For example integration of Microsoft Office 365.

There is a true white label that your client sees as your brand front from purchase to technical support. It also avoids any process payments for you to make it easy to get commissions and track sales.

In addition to these, GoDaddy also offers you automated voicing, place services and reminders for non-payment. Moreover, you can accept payments on all processors in different currencies. Not only this, you can customize fully configurable resources for your customers by getting custom hosting.

Performance (Uptime & Page Speed)

GoDaddy provides a bad uptime with an average of 96.86 % uptime. 

The loading time of the website is 0.24s to 2.2s for the websites operated in different parts of the world.

WordPress Installation

WordPress installation is very easy with GoDaddy because GoDaddy offers a built-in installer.

Customer Support

Above all, a comprehensive help centre is available for both chat and phone support. They do not support temporary URLs.

The wait time for the response is at least 40 minutes. The support is good, professional and extremely friendly. The professionals are knowledgeable and assist in making any kind of change in the account or subdomain options.

Pricing and Plans

It offers four different plans for a starter to big plans. The launch plan lets you have 2 GB RAM and 50GB storage with unlimited databases and websites. Also, it holds a SSL certificate with each plan that goes to the highest Expand plant with 8GB RAM and 150GB storage for resource and photo-heavy sites.

The initial plan packages free emails and free domains for over 1000 addresses and unlimited storage. It’s a fantastic plan for special features, domain options and hosting plans. The first-time registration with GoDaddy is $5.17 per month and the renewal costs $18.17 per month. The transfer costs $18.17 outside GoDaddy’s server. DNS is an add-on service that is not free and you can simply check or uncheck according to your requirement.

Online Reputation

It is one of the most popular web hosting providers in India, second most popular in Pakistan, South Africa, Australia and Canada and third most popular in the UK. Overall online rating is 7.36 out of 10.

10. Nexcess

Budget-Friendly Managed WordPress Hosting

Nexcess is ranked best for growth and scaling. It is a hosting solution for the liquid web. This host proves itself best when you find their wide menu of hosting managed eCommerce. They offer their managed eCommerce hosting services particularly of high quality for Orocrm, ExpressionEngine, Drupal, WooCommerce and BigCommerce and other e-commerce Platforms.

This hosting provider is also great for hosting Magento CMS.

Several other features of Nexcess also make it distinguishable from the other companies on the list. Such as the Cloud Accelerator. It is a feature that affects the cloud to enhance the speed of the loading time for your website. It may be a great benefit as everything depends on speed as it comes to the customers’ requirements about the browsing and website working.

Nexcess is the best platform for managed WooCommerce and WordPress hosting. It is a versatile service provider that offers its host options to fulfil all requirements of your website. Moreover, you get fully managed WooCommerce and WordPress hosting.

The package includes container add-ons, asset coaching, alert and 24/7 monitoring response. PHP7 support and PHP optimization. It also includes auto-scaling on a single click to get an abrupt traffic inflow towards your website.

In addition to hosting, they assist you in building a storefront for the online store to further help you StoreBuilder tool. All you need to do is answering a few questions about your business and it will develop a whole storefront according to your answers.

Nexcess provides web hosting solutions from dedicated servers to private servers and shared hosting, environment co-location and server clusters. It is incredibly easy with Nexcess to use for eCommerce. It offers the fastest hosting service for WordPress in the market.

Moreover, you get free migration and multiple websites with enough web space in free features as well.

Performance (Uptime & Page Speed)

It offers an uptime of 98.99 %. And the loading time is 2 seconds or less according to data centers.

WordPress Installation

Nexcess provides auto-installation of WordPress. All you need to insert is the installation details that generally include the introduction of your business. You can always transfer files using SFTP.

Customer Support

Above all, the supporting team is highly dedicated to addressing your concerns regarding technical issues with the hosting.

They don’t cut corners when it is about customer support. You can expect free white-glove site migrations, proactive monitoring and 24/7 expert support.

Pricing and Plans

Nexcess offers numerous suites of using plans for all types of web hosting. The image below shows a glimpse of what they offer for their valued customers.

These plans have made Nexcess one of the best hosting companies for small businesses. The plans are different for different stages of your growing business.

If you are just starting your business, or already own an eCommerce business online, Nexcess should be on the list of your consideration. Last but not the least, prices depend on the CMS platform of your choice. However, the plans for WordPress websites cost $15.84 per month.

Online Reputation

Nexcess is rated 3.6 out of 5 in online reviews from the users.

What are the WordPress Hosting Requirements?

Hosting is vital for all websites. WordPress is the most widely used website as it offers the most customizable and free features. Nevertheless, it is often confusing to determine a WordPress-Specific host. Regular hosting providers can also be used with WordPress sites but they are not usually able to deal with the WordPress-related issues knowledgeably. The hosting platforms have to meet at least basic software and hardware requirements to ease the script installation, maintain and run WordPress. These traditional hosts also cause performance and uptime issues that make the site inaccessible for the users.

The website monitoring service takes over all the tasks of hosting requirements and analyzing if you are already working with a WordPress provider. It helps you analyze whether or not this hosting service is supportive to fulfill your website’s requirements. If you find that it is not a suitable service then you can move to a better web hosting service for your WordPress website.

Here are some of the requirements of a WordPress Webhost;

  • Better uptime

It is the foremost aspect that is non-negotiable in any case. Not all providers offer 100% uptime. But the work to minimize the downtime for a better functioning WordPress website. If you have subscribed to an economical hosting plan, then it won’t guarantee you any uptime because of the limited server resources for multiple websites at the same time.

The site will be dealing with numerous complex things, databases, themes and plugins the server performance should be maintained in a better way. The overall experience and speed of the website should be better. It is recommended to choose dedicated or VPS hosting reliable plans. In this way, the site will face fewer issues of downtime.

  • Support software

The provider should keep the server updated with the latest software. There has to be well integration of secure WordPress sites and technology of scale. It means that the server supports different versions of NGINX web servers, Apache, MariaDB/MYSQL and PHP.

The hosting provider has to adopt specific technology personalized for securing and scaling WordPress sites. Since WordPress is much about plugins and themes. Therefore, the chances are higher that vulnerabilities will be there even with the most popular plugins that may also threaten the website security. A good hosting service provides identification and blocking of plugins that hinder the security and performance of a site.

  • Caching

WordPress sites rely on caching plugins for the ultimate performance. Caching plugins are much helpful in the improvement of site speed however, they are not as effective for host-level caching. The hosting provider should handle the caching problems. In such a way, this burden will be reduced and you can focus more on your business growth.

  • Specific features of WordPress

A good WordPress host should offer specific WordPress features such as configured and pre-installed WordPress that easily supports plugins and themes, automatic software updates, and software installation in addition to accelerated speed, built-in coaching and enhanced security.

Additional features should also be looked for such as automatic backup, cPanel, free account migration host. These features ensure performance and site continuity.

  • Check for SSL support

Some hosting providers give free SSL certificates in their plan while others offer SSL as an add-on feature. SSL is essential for an e-commerce website so the visitor’s performance can be kept secure. Data encryption is another important feature to secure the exchange of information between the users’ browser and a web server. So make sure your host provider should offer an SSL certificate.

Things to consider when choosing a WordPress Hosting

There are a few things that you need to consider while selecting a hosting provider for your website. Considering these things will help you extend success and fame.

  • Price of hosting plan

The cost of web hosting depends on several factors. A hosting provider that offers a stable network connection, good hardware, a resourceful workforce and managed skills with potential choices will cost you a lot of money.

Also, look for the renewal cost. Many hosting plans give shared hosting plans at low rates but their renewal costs are high. Your major concern should be the growth of your website in a budget-friendly way.

  • Security

It is imperative to check that the hosting provider protects your website from all kinds of cyber issues. Therefore, it is also important to know the security level your host provides. A reliable hosting provider also helps to keep hackers at a distance from your website.

A good quality hosting provider offers recovery and data backups and the latest cybersecurity software so that your website does not face any malfunctions. In addition, your payments should also be secured with SSLs. Your provider should give you access to the control panel and administrative features.

  • Uptime and server reliability

It is also essential to get a web host that provides a powerful server with solid network connections and good hardware. None of the WordPress hosting providers offers 100% uptime but it should be closer to that to minimize the downtime. Anything below 99% should not be considered.

  • Customer support

It is another important aspect that should be considered before selecting a host. Your selected host should give you a proficient team to help you with assistance. Your company should provide high-quality and relentless customer service.

A lot of companies offer high-quality and full-time support but they take a lot of waiting time before responding. A good way to analyze this is probably with online reviews. It ensures the trustworthiness of customer support to a great extent. The support should be easily available on landline, chat and emails.

  • Performance and features

Before reviewing the features, you must have an idea of their offered features and function with your website. sort out the advantages and benefits of the particular hosting company. Also check for the number of domains it offers, disc space and bandwidth limit before selecting a hosting provider.

An email service also enables you to set up your email account with the domain name. other features include shopping carts, WordPress, Drupal etc which you can get from your host.

  • Backups

In this age of technology, hacking is easy. Therefore, it is important to have a backup of your entire website. your host should offer multiple backups. If your website is regularly backed up, you don’t have to be worried about cyber attacks.

  • Plugins-compatibility

Plugins are inevitable elements in all WordPress websites as they provide additional features for your web page. Some plugins do not go well with the company’s servers and are banned by the providers.

Make sure that your host allows you to experiment and necessary multiple plugins without any restrictions.

  • Control panel

Even if you are less tech-savvy, you should know how to perform new tasks such as new plugins, and CMS installation in your website. you need to access the control panel to fulfill your requirements. Your website hosting provider should connect you with the important management features and transparent interface. Do not choose a host that does not offer a user-friendly control panel.

Best WordPress Web Hosting Providers: Table Comparison

Performance WordPress installation Customer support Pricing and plans Online Reputation (Overall rating)
BlueHost ~2.42s-99.99% Standard cPanel>MojoMarketplace Tickets and chats $2.75 7.92/10
WP Engine ~3.54s – 100%~ Auto Help desk chat $20 4.7/5
Kinsta ~4.79s- 100% Auto Chat and ticket $25 4.8/5
SiteGround ~3.8s- 100% A few clicks Chat, phone ticket and social media $4.99 8.38/10
HostGator ~3.23-100% Built-in cPanel Chat $2.75 7.92/10
A2 Hosting ~5.09s –99.99% Pre-installed Live chat, email, phones $1.99 7.87/10
DreamHost ~3.17- 99% One-click Emails and chat $2.59 4.4/5
Flywheel ~0.15s-100% Migration>create new site Tickets $13 4.4/5
Hostinger ~3.67-99% One-click Chats, email, tickets and phones $1.99 4.3/5
GoDaddy ~2.2s -96% One-click Chat and phone-Long waiting time $2.99 7.36/10
Nexcess ~2s-98.99% One-click-auto Calls, tickets, emails $19 3.5/5

Who wins the battle to become the best WordPress hosting site?

Although, we provide the list of the “best WordPress Hosting Sites” above. Yet, we need to give a winning medal to only one of the best among the rest. We would emphasize that one of the providers failed the test in one way or the other. Keeping the standard high. Moreover, all these providers offer a wide range of advanced features of hosting options if you pick any other package above entry-level.

We can opt based on the two standards; i. figure out the high-profile providers, 2. Sensibly use overall reference point for comparing all the hosting services available in the online world. So we suggest that the rank of a host depends on your business requirement. Have a look at the recap of the above-mentioned hosting providers to determine what suits you best.

Bluehost—The Best for New WordPress Sites

WPEngine—The Best for Managed WordPress Hosting

Kinsta—The Best Premium Hosting Provider

Siteground—The Best choice for Affordable WordPress Hosting

Hostgator—The Best WordPress Hosting Offer for Codeless Readers

A2Hosting—The Fastest Page Loading Times

Dreamhost—The Best Month-to-Month paying WordPress Hosting

Flywheel—Best Managed WordPress Hosting for Starters

Hostinger—The Best for Cheap WordPress Hosting

GoDaddy—One of the Most Popular Hosting Providers

Nexcess—Budget-Friendly Managed WordPress Hosting

Now, what do you choose for your WordPress hosting?

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