Guided Wave products provide continuous analytical monitoring of your process, delivering the data and information you need when you need it. Our product line includes optical insertion probes and flow cells, photometers, fiber optic cables, full-spectrum process spectrometers, sampling systems, and data analysis software, all with a two-year warranty. At Guided Wave, all products are tested in system configurations to ensure optimal transmission and full compatibility. Need help selecting the correct process analyzer? Complete our application questionnaire.

Model Maintenance and Customizing a Starter Model to Meet Your Operational Needs Model Maintenance and Customizing a Starter Model to Meet Your Operational Needs A complete online process monitoring system includes an analyzer, sample interface, and fiber optic cables. The instrument also requires calibration for each application. Guided Wave often provides a starter or factory calibration. Given the variation in process stream composition, it is highly recommended to perform model updates to customize the factory calibration for each installation. […] Read more Advantages of Dispersion Spectrometers over FT-NIR Analyzers Advantages of Dispersion Spectrometers over FT-NIR Analyzers Read more niro niro Upgrade graphic slider Take the First Step

Key Benefits of Guided Wave’s Process Spectrometers

  • Guided Wave manufactures all of the analyzer subassemblies, ensuring consistent quality, accuracy, safety, and reliability.
  • Guided Wave systems are easy to install and service and come with assistance, training, and after-installation support.

Guided Wave provides support for application development and feasibility studies.

Why Use Process Analytical Spectroscopy for Real Time Monitoring?

Traditionally, absorption spectroscopy has been used in laboratories to perform the precise analyses of samples. In recent years, as electronic circuitry and optical components have become more refined, a more robust portion of the electromagnetic spectrum—UV/VIS/NIR—has emerged for use in process analytical technology. No other technology matches the acquisition speed and the range of measurements returned by a fiber optic-based dispersive grating spectrometer. A comprehensive set of data that takes hours of laboratory analyses to acquire can be available in about a minute with a process spectrometer.

Process Analytical Technologies (PAT) have been field proven for almost three decades. It is typical for a Guided Wave scanning spectrometer running 24/7 to last more than 10 years with >99% uptime. The maintenance requirements for process spectrometers are also minimal in comparison to other monitoring techniques (for example, process gas chromatographs and online titrators). The return on investment and the low cost of operation make Guided Wave analyzers a sensible and proven choice.

Flow Cells for FT-NIR Process Spectrometers

Both the standard Multipurpose Flow Cell and the Heated Flow Cell are manufactured by Guided Wave to facilitate full integration with any fiber-optic spectrometer manufacturer. The Heated Flow Cell is fully compatible with the Matrix-F FT-NIR analyzer, ABB’s full line of FT-NIR spectrometers, Metrohm’s NIRS XDS Process Analyzer, and AIT’s optical analyzers. The market-leading optical efficiency of Guided Wave’s sample interfaces will improve the optical performance of any spectrometer (PAT) when connected with 400 to 600 micron fiber optical cables and SMA 905 or FC connectors. The family of Single-Sided Transmission probes (SST) and the shuttle probe are compatible with process spectrometers from any FT-NIR vendor.

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