About Effortless Style

Getting dressed each day doesn’t have to be difficult, and you shouldn’t feel daunted by something you have to do every morning. We remove “I don’t know what to wear” from your vocabulary and help you feel like the clothes you put on represent the best version of you.

We’re also the first to acknowledge that when you’re considering hiring a stylist, it can be surprisingly intimidating. A one-time closet audit with us to create new looks from your current wardrobe may have you sorting through years of clothes, stories, and memories (and a few things in between). A styling session or our ongoing personal shopping services could turn into deeper discussions about the ways that you want to up your game or move your career forward.

For our team at Effortless Style, it’s all about building a relationship with clients where you feel comfortable and at ease working with us. Man, woman, at work, at play, budget-conscious, or ready to invest—it doesn’t matter who you are! We work with a variety of clients to create fresh looks that inspire confidence, reflect your sensibilities and style, and require minimal effort for you.

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