Best Markers for a Bullet Journal

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Markers come in all shapes and sizes and can be quite versatile in their use, and I’m not talking about the Crayola supertips you bought for your child’s classroom (although they work just fine). The vast array of options art markers are available in can take your BUJO from drab to wow in no time.

Bright colored pens, felt tips, fine points, brush markers, and everything in between can lend themselves well to the many collections and pages your bullet journal holds. They are perfect for creating titles, providing layout design, making notes, and, my favorite, doodling. The best markers for bullet journaling are those that provide you the tips, control, and color you are searching for.

Quick Comparisons Of 5 Best Markers for a Bullet Journal

IMAGE BRAND DETAILS MILO 24 Art Marker Set Type of Pens: Alcohol-Based

  • Tip Types: Brush and Chisel

Color Range: set of 24 Check The Price iBayam Journal Planner Pens Type of Pens: Water-based

  • Tip Types: Fine tip

Color Range: 18 colors Check The Price Zebra Pen Mildliner Type of Pens: water-based

  • Tip Types: Chisel and bullet tip

Color Range: 15 colors Check The Price Watercolor Brush Pens by Genuine Crafts Type of Pens: Water-based

  • Tip Types: brush tip

Color Range: 20 colors Check The Price STAEDTLER Markers Type of Pens: washable water-based

  • Tip Types: Medium and bullet tipped

Color Range: 36 Check The Price

Why Use Markers in a Bullet Journal?

When people think of markers, they often think of the thick tipped, wide bodied markers of their youth at school. Markers and marker collections are the perfect products to have on hand for when you are setting up and working within your bullet journal. Fine tipped markers can be better than your good pens to provide outlines and basic lettering, while thicker tipped options work to fill in stencils, create banners, and decorate margins.

Plus, their colors are rich and varied, and many don’t bleed through the paper to ruin what is beneath as older styles won’t to do. Don’t be afraid to look for this information and ask questions such as do micron pens bleed, or what sort of ink to use. Although you still need to take care, most manufacturers know what their consumers want and provide this information prior to purchase.

Types of Markers

Felt tipped marking pens have been around since the early 1900’s and the idea of a rich, colored ink to write with became widely popular and led to ideas such as a fountain paintbrush, and eventually the Magic Marker in the 1950’s. People liked the idea of having a pen styled product that provided the ability to write on virtually any surface, and the idea only has gained momentum since. Because of this, there are many different types of markers from which you can choose for all your colorful needs.

Alcohol-Based Markers

These markers combine ink with alcohol to provide an ink that dries quickly and is considered fairly permanent. This makes them waterproof, but can be dissolved with alcohol, and so are easy to blend with rubbing alcohol, a special alcohol blender pen, or other alcohol based markers. They also layer well.

Water-Based Markers

These markers mix ink with water or glycerin, are considered safe for kids due to a lack of chemicals, and are also easy to apply to surfaces due to their acid-free nature. They are a favorite for calligraphy and other lettering techniques, but do take longer to dry. They also are fairly opaque and may require multiple layers of ink which should be laid down carefully to avoid saturating the paper and damaging it.

Solvent-Based Markers

These markers combine ink with a solvent such as xylene, methyl isobutyl ketone, or butyl acetate. These are a waterproof choice and leave behind a fairly permanent ink. They are very popular for craft projects and often work well on a large variety of work surfaces- both porous and non-porous.

Types of Marker Tips

Marker tips come in a decent array of sizes and shapes for you to utilize and do not come in a one size fits all collection. This is a great way to take advantage of the many saturated colors markers come in to enrich your pages and bring them to life. Plus this allows you the opportunity to use them for much more than just coloring and doodling, and provides a means to color code lists, responsibilities, and other needs you may have.

Tip Sizes

Tip sizes of markers come generally fall between 0.03mm and 50mm sizes and can be used for all sorts of detail.

Extra-Fine Tips

Great for writing and detail.

Fine Tips

Great for everyday writing use.

Medium Tips

Perfect for arts and crafts, doodles and coloring are popular uses as well.

Broad Tips

Filling in large areas or creating larger lettering or titles can be done with a broad tip.

Jumbo Sized Tips

Large canvas, murals, posters, and other places where a lot of color is needed is the perfect job for a jumbo marker.

Tip Shapes

The shape of your marker tip can be the difference between elegant, and plain lettering or creating certain effects on your paper.

Bullet Tip

This is a traditional tip shape that allows you to color and write smoothly.

Chisel Tip

The slant to a chisel tip allows you to work with both a broad, and fine, line depending on how you hold the marker.

Brush Tip

A brush tip looks like a paintbrush and allows you to make thicker, darker lines the heavier you push. The end of the tips are great for small lines as well.

Top 5 Markers for a Bullet Journal

The following marker collections are only a small sample of what exists out there for you to use in your BUJO. Markers can range in cost as well, with durable, high end brands costing quite a bit compared to more budget friendly options. The important thing to keep in mind is your own use of the markers, type of paper you are using (such as stock paper, leuchtturm journaling pages, or moleskine) to avoid bleeding, and your own preferences.

Many markers and marker sets come as a double sided option to help you save money, and provide you a wider array of choices. These typically have a fine or brush tip on one side, and a thicker, or chisel tip on the other.

MILO 24 Art Marker Set

  • Type of Pens: Alcohol-Based
  • Tip Types: Brush and Chisel
  • Color Range: set of 24

Good For: creating varying line widths and brush strokes CHECK THE PRICE

Milo dual tipped markers are designed for your creative flair and provides an alcohol-based chisel tip for creating various line widths, as well as a brush tip for lettering and design. The alcohol holds a high quality ink that is easy to blend for all your project needs. The markers also come in a durable box that provides easy access to the markers and holds them in place for storage.

Who Should Purchase This?

If you want to attempt fancy lettering and calligraphy, but also need an option for precise line work, this is a great option.

  • Blends beautifully
  • Great selection of colors (larger selections available)
  • Long lasting
  • May bleed through inexpensive papers when layered
  • Nibs cannot handle a lot of pressure and may fray
  • Type of Pens: Water-based
  • Tip Types: Fine tip
  • Color Range: 18 colors

Good For: writing, precise line work, and stencils CHECK THE PRICE

These durable, fine-point markers are made specifically for journaling and offer a 0.38mm fiber tip for all your writing needs. The water-based ink has minimal bleed through and does not feather on paper, making it ideal for small spaces as well. 18 colors come in a vinyl package to help keep them organized and easy to take on the go.

Who Should Purchase This?

If you are looking for vibrant, deep colors for writing, these are an excellent option. They also work well with stencils, and provide a fine line for when you need precise line work.

  • Very colorfast and no bleeding unless layered
  • Long lasting and doesn’t dry out easily
  • Clean lines
  • Caps can be hard to take off
  • Some colors very similar to one another
  • Type of Pens: water-based
  • Tip Types: Chisel and bullet tip
  • Color Range: 15 colors

Good For: Line control, coloring, and lettering CHECK THE PRICE

The Zebra Pen Mildliner is a dual sided option that provides a chisel and bullet tip to lay down a uniquely mild color, perfect for layering. This also ensures you have no bleed through, and provides you the opportunity to color, doodle, highlight, and create titles with ease. The chisel tip is perfect for graph and chart making as well, and even the darkest color will not fully cover any text you want to highlight- making it an excellent color coding solution. They also come in a nice case for organization and portability.

Who Should Purchase This?

If you want a mild, soft color for highlighting, color coding, and coloring purposes, these are a must have to keep around.

  • Easy to see through all colors
  • Unique effect
  • Great to color code
  • May bleed if layered
  • Some colors are very similar

Watercolor Brush Pens by Genuine Crafts

  • Type of Pens: Water-based
  • Tip Types: brush tip
  • Color Range: 20 colors

Good For: lettering and watercolor effects CHECK THE PRICE

The nylon brush tip of these watercolor markers is durable and long lasting to lay down vibrant colors that are easy to blend with the included, refillable water pen. Easy to create a wide variety of line widths, these are excellent for lettering and doodling on your pages. Plus, they are designed not to bleed, although a durable paper should be used if you add water. They come in a protective case as well.

Who Should Purchase This?

If you love lettering and the use of cool techniques, these are a great product at a great price.

  • Very easy to blend
  • Lays a vibrant, smooth line down on paper
  • Works on a wide variety of surfaces
  • Tips may fray over time with too much pressure

STAEDTLER Double Ended Fiber-Tip Markers

  • Type of Pens: washable water-based
  • Tip Types: Medium and bullet tipped
  • Color Range: 36

Good For: Coloring, writing, page layout design CHECK THE PRICE

If you are simply looking for a dependable marker, and also want variation in the width of your line, these dual tipped STAEDTLER options are a great choice. Vibrant, water-based, washable ink dries quickly on your paper without bleeding, and allows you to layer and create various effects with the bulleted tip and medium tip choices. 36 colors provide you a ton of variety and excellent control.

Who Should Purchase This?

If you have wanted a basic marker for coloring and page layout, these markers provide all that and more.

  • Vibrant, rich colors
  • No bleeding
  • Easy to grip and lays down ink smoothly
  • May not be long lasting

Having a set of markers nearby for bullet journaling is a must! Since most markers come as a set, you generally have the color wheel well covered, so pay attention to the tips of each to determine what you should purchase. The type of lettering you are interested in can help determine this, as well as what other use you want to get out of it. If you are creative and a doodler, a brush tip or watercolor option may be a great choice. If color coding text and highlighting is your jam, look for chisel tips and mild coloration.

If you have been searching for the best bullet journal pens, you may want to consider markers instead! We’d love to hear about which product you are most excited about trying out, and also learn more about which markers you already use as a favorite. And, as always, please share!

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