Children’s Cancer Research Fund

With your help, we focused on:

Emerging Scientists with talent and great ideas, but not as much of their own published research to make them stand out when competing for competitive national grants. By supporting CCRF, you’re ensuring that promising solutions, like Dr. Giedre Krenciute’s idea to test different cancer-fighting CAR T cells to see which is most effective against medulloblastoma, an aggressive brain tumor, move forward.

Hard-to-Treat Diseases, like pediatric myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS), a rare disease with a survival rate as low as 35%. Dr. Jessica Pollard from Dana Farber Cancer Institute is researching how a new combination of drugs may be able to treat kids with MDS with a lower level of toxicity than today’s treatments.

Survivorship research, like Dr. Alicia Kunin-Batson’s work to uncover the role that healthy behaviors like physical activity, sleep, healthy eating habits and reduced screen time play on the overall health of childhood cancer survivors.

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