Clear All Slicers in Power BI; A Bookmark Story

Using bookmarks for clearing all slicers in Power BI is not a a new function, I have been using it for many months, and advising many people to do it that way. However, I still get a lot of questions in my presentations about how to do that. That is why I ended up writing this post. This post shows you a very quick trick of having a button to clear all slicers, and the magic is all happening with bookmarks. Bookmarks store the state of a Power BI page, and can be used in many scenarios, in this post, I only show you the ability to clear all slicers in a page. To learn more about Power BI; read Power BI book from Rookie to Rock Star.

Here is a sample Power BI report page with a number of slicers:

Screenshot below shows a selected state of items;

If you want to clear every slicer; usually, there is a clear button on the slicer header. Or you can even enable Select All in the sclier format options. However, there is no Clear All for all the scliers in the page.

Solution is to use bookmarks. Here are steps:

Step 1: Open Bookmarks pane;

Step 2: Use the clear button on the header of every slicer. Do this for all slicers.

Step 3: Create a bookmark of the page, when none of slicers are selected.

Step 4: Create a Button for user interation; This button would be clear all button. You can even use Images with logos if you want to.

You can then configure the button to show a different text, with some formattings

Step 5: Bind the button to bookmark

Now that you have the clear all button, the last step is to set the Action property of that to bookmark, and select the “clear all slicers” bookmark for it.

Testing the solution

To test the solution, use Ctrl+Click on the desktop, or just click on it in the website;

Using buttons and bookmarks for clearing all slicers is only one of the multiple creative ways you can use bookmarks. I will write more about other usages of buttons and bookmarks together. Do you have some use cases yourself; don’t hesistae to write in the comment below.

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