CoD Warzone Caldera Secret Loot Cave Location

Call of Duty Warzone’s newest map Caldera has a ton of new areas for players to discover. However, a Secret Loot cave has been spotted by some players having loot and some mysteries as well. In this guide, we will explain where the Caldera Secret loot cave is located in CoD Warzone and how to reach it’s location.

CoD Warzone Caldera Secret Loot Cave Location.

Caldera is still a relatively new map in CoD Warzone and secret locations and areas are still being discovered. One of the best finds is the Secret Loot cave of Caldera. If you know this location, you’re sure to pick up useful stuff during matches

Caldera Loot Cave Location

The Secret cave on Caldera we are pointing to in this guide is a really cool area and it is quite well hidden as well. The secret loot cave on the newly released Warzone Pacific was discovered by a player known as Spartan3319, who posted his findings on TikTok.

The Secret Loot cave is located near the Power Plant on Warzone Pacific’s far west side. In order to access the secret cave, head south of the power plant to find the two waterfalls close together. From there, players must go via the left side of the waterfall at the power plant to enter the secret cave.

What’s Inside the Loot Cave?

Inside the secret cave is tons of loots for you to pick up. There are also some theories about a secret bunker opening side the cave in the near future. We will have to wait and see if any such thing happens there.

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