Do It Yourself Auto Body Repair Instructions

Everyone likes their car to be handled with care. However, some just want to have their car repaired by none other than them. If you’re one of such people who want to repair your vehicle on your own, then these DIY auto body repairs are the perfect ones you can start with:

DIY Auto Body Dent Repair

Dents and scratches are like mini heart attacks for car owners. Every time you see a new scratch on your car, it’s just like someone has scratched your soul. However, by following some simple do-it-yourself auto body repair instructions, you can fix these in no time.

All you need to do is to get an auto body filler and a mixing board for its preparation. Make sure to get something from a reputed brand. While mixing it, ensure to follow the necessary instructions and apply the filler properly.

Getting a Compressor & Paint Sprayer

If you’re working on a section of your car and doing re-touches then getting a compressor and paint sprayer is a good option. You can search in the market for high-quality paint sprayers that are light enough in touch that can be used to make several coats over a few days. Be patient during the application of the coats and do make a splendid finish.

Use a Sanding Tool Instead of Doing It With Your Hands

During your auto body repairs if you ever need to do sanding of your car, then using a sanding tool is a good choice. The reason that with a sanding tool you’ll be able to minimize grooves and errors that are often formed during sanding with your hands. Sanding is done to bring out the finish of the car and that is why using a tool will give you the flawlessness you need.

Using Finishing Glaze

When doing a car body repair at home make sure to have a finishing glaze. It provides two primary services, including the removal of minor flaws and scratches in your paint. The finishing glaze will be able to fix these scratches. Ensure to use a self-leveling kind of glaze.

Another reason why using a finishing glaze is a good idea is that it is applied to repair services before the application of the final coats of paint. Glazing gives leveling of the primary coats as well as removes scratches, making the surface perfect for being painted with the final coat.

Fixing Windshield Cracks

Another do it yourself auto body repair trick that you can use is to fixing your windshield cracks. While repairing the cracks, ensure that you use a reliable windshield repair kit. Just like rust can damage the entire body, small cracks in your windshield can grow bigger if not repaired properly.

Replacing Headlights

No need to go to a shop for getting your headlights replaced. You can do this by using basic tools and making a purchase of a headlight that is compatible with your model. All you need to do is to get a 4-in-1 screwdriver, wrench set, gloves. Just loosen the bolts, change the bulb and you can save almost $100 for a light changing service.

Paint Film for Long Term Protection

Another trick that you can use for auto body repairs is to use a paint film. This protective film is used to even and smoothen your vehicle’s paint and can be applied easily over your car. All you need to do is to get the protective film from the market, follow the instructions and you can save the hassle of taking this to an auto body repair shop.

Replacing Broken Mirrors

No need to refer to the auto body shop for replacing side mirrors when you can do these on your own. All you need to do is to get the manufacturer to send you the new ones, follow the installation instructions and you’ll be able to work it out yourself.

There are several other DIY auto body repair instructions that you can follow to make out well for your vehicle. Happy DIYing!

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