Does Your Dead Mother Appear In Your Dreams?

Just when you thought dreams were bizarre enough try throwing in your deceased mother in the mix.

Thousands of people a month search the web to find out why their deceased mother paid them a visit in their dreams. Could this be just a figment of your imagination of something that contains a deeper meaning?

Oddly enough these common encounters all seem to have something striking similarity to them – known to call your name, watching them smile at you, and even being in a heated argument. This cannot be just a fluke…

On top of that when our dead mother emerges in these dreams they tend to be extremely vivid and detailed as if you actually made contact. So how do you really know if your dead mother actually contacted you in your dreams? Well it seem to have some tell tail signs…

Dead Mother Dreams

Before we jump into the meaning we first need to understand what might a “mother” represents in a dream. A mother is a symbol of sacrifice, unconditional love, care, affection and nourishment – the theme alters based off of your past relationship with her.

Alternatively if you harbor repressed emotions, feelings, or anger pent up from the past it might come across her in a negative light. Essentially a healthy relationship gears more towards actual contact from beyond the grave, whereas a poor or unhealthy relationship might make you examine reconstructing your past.

So how can you tell the difference?

Arguing With My Dead Mother In Dream

Believe it or not one of the most common dreams revolving around your dead mother is an argument. Why would this be? Well it turns out that good parents doesn’t necessarily mean good parenting. Perhaps your mother was a toxic person, or maybe she didn’t give you the love and support you truly needed and it still hurts you till this day. See article how to spot a toxic mother in your dreams.

Dreams have a tendency to pull up unconscious emotions or repressed past memories in a symbolic metaphoric way. Arguing with your mom might suggest that these emotions are still lingering within and needs to be sorted out. She surfaces when your relationships and personal feelings are affected in your walking life. However if your are mimicking her bad habits “arguing” might be an unconscious projection – seeing her behaviors within you.

Dead Mother Dreams: Dying Again

Why would you want to relive this horrible experience again? One possibility might be the fact these emotions and feeling still resonate deep within your heart. You might have trouble processing what you experienced or had trouble accepting the way she died.

Watching your sick mother go though this painful process is not only a horrible experience but something causes a lot of repressed psychological trauma. Your dream wants you to relive this experience for a specific reason. Why? Could it be the fact you need to let go and accept she is gone? Could you be angry? Do you think you could have helped more?

Dead Mother Dreams: Making Contact

So how do you know you actually made contact? More than likely your dead mother would appear in your dreams either smiling, offering you gifts or money, or maybe she called you on the phone.

Phones and gifts seems to be very common symbol communication methods dead mothers use to send messages. It might be their way of saying hello or they are still looking down at you.

If you dream of your mother crying might relate to disappointment or you might be doing something that could be making her upset. It would be hard to say if this was actual contact, only by reflecting what is going on with you at the moment will determine.

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