How to Send Your IELTS Score to Universities

How to Send Your IELTS Score to Universities You can send your score to universities via an electronic score report delivery or paper TRF delivery. Before sending your a score check the preferred delivery method of your target university. You will have to pay for a registered mail courier or regular delivery if you send paper TRFs.

IELTS results are available online from 12 noon 13 calendar days from the day that you write the test. If for whatever reason the results are delayed you will be informed by email. You can access the results by SMS.

The British Council will send you a Test Report Form (TRF). You should receive your TRF within 23 days of writing the test. You are advised to look after it as no further copies will be made available to you.

At your request, the British Council will send up to five original copies to the institutions of your choice. If you require this you can request it by completing the additional test report form.

You can make out this request at the time of registration or you can request it at any time during the period that your IELTS is valid. You will pay a fee if you want the TRF sent via airmail or courier.

How to send your British Council IELTS score to universities online

Many universities have registered to download IELTS results and are happy to accept an electronic copy of your TRF.

You should check the university website to see whether they have registered. If they are you can request an E-TRF and then inform the university that the form is ready to download.

How to send IELTS score electronically

When you register you can choose to send all or some of the five originals electronically. At the end of the registration page, you will find an option that you can check to send the test results to five universities of your choice.

You will then be prompted to fill in the details. The TRF’s will be sent electronically to the universities that have registered. This is a free service.

If at any time, during the validity of your IELTS, you require this service, you can phone the British Council on their toll-free number, and they will give you instructions on how to send IELTS score to universities’ IDP.

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