Label Glossary – Understanding The Basics

Label Adhesive: The glue substance on a material for adhesion to create a pressure-sensitive “peel and stick” application. For example: Can be added on the back of the label. If the label is being applied to a window, it will go on the outside of the window. Can be added on the front of the label. If the label is being applied to a window, it will go on the inside of the window.

Adhesives Types: Permanent adhesive cannot be removed without either tearing the label or tearing the surface that the label is applied on. Ideal for most labels including box and shelf labels. Removable adhesive can be peeled off and reapplied. This is ideal for labels that are only used temporarily or will need to be removed later. Freezer adhesive is designed for application and performance below 32°F. Freezer grade adhesives are used on case-ready meats and on goods that have to withstand the cold and moist conditions of freezers.

Back-Score: A slit in the liner of a pressure sensitive label, used to assist in the removal of the face-stock from the liner.

Bar Code (UPC): One of several machine-readable codes used at retail, manufacturing, and shipping levels to identify products. A graphical bar pattern is printed on your label which can encode numbers and letters in a format which can easily be retrieved and interpreted by a bar code reader.

Bleed: The extra amount of printed image that extends beyond the actual label cut line that peels away.

Butt Cut Labels: A continuous roll of labels made with square corners and no spacing between labels. Each label is separated by a single cut between them on the liner. AKA kiss cut labels.

Roll Cores: The inner diameter of a roll of labels. The standard finishing is coreless. 1” and 3” cardboard cores are available upon request. Additional size cores can be ordered.

Corner Radius: The measurement that refers to the roundness or arch of the corner of a label.

Die: The tool that cuts the shape of the label.

Die Cut: This refers to a cut made in the face stock of a label construction by means of a hard or flexible die. Labels are shaped and customized by different die cuts.

Die Line: The outline of the die cut, illustrated on contract proofs.

Digital Label Printing: The process involving the creation, storage, transfer and reproduction of printed images in a digital format so as to allow fixed or completely variable information to be printed on a label without printing plates. Finished in roll or sheet form.

Exact Repeat: Usually means a label reorder to the exact specifications as previously followed without change.

Emboss: An image is pressed into the material to raise it above the normal level of the material.

Extended Life Labels: Manufactured to withstand harsh environments and rugged applications. Durable for 3-4 years.

Face/Label Material/Stock: The top layer of a label construction sometimes also called the substrate (example: paper, foil, polyester, vinyl, etc). This is what the adhesive is applied to.

Fanfold: Labels with perforations, folded into stacks.

Fanfold Length: The distance between each fold; the distance also determines the number of labels per fold.

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