Learn English – Constructing long and detailed sentences, and the correct use of punctuation

I’ve had a browse of some of the questions here on commas and can’t see if this has been asked. I have been fastidious about my punctuation and grammar, but find the advent of online social networking and texting is really taking it’s toll on maintaining these lifelong habits. I am not an expert, but have (what I thought) was a sound basis of English usage.

I’ll use some example sentences:

I think, sometimes, that my use of commas, and, occasionally, exclamation marks, can be excessive. Whenever I add a word or expression, not necessary, to the sentence, just like I did with the “not necessary” and like I am doing right now, I always include these words, well maybe not always, usually include these inserts between commas; so, basically, I enjoy writing long sentences, joined with lots of commas and, frequently, semi-colons and, often, colons (and have been rather prone to using brackets, as well). When writing lengthy, detailed sentences, I find, sometimes, I can get carried, or at least I think I do, and can join two, three or sometimes more, usually, related, but separate ideas, that could be separated into individual, perhaps less interesting, sentences.

Is my use of commas, and other associated punctuation, correct?

Have I explained my rationale behind my usage, well enough?

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