Maternity Package: Price of Normal and Caesarean Delivery Philippines

Having a baby soon? Find out how much you have to spend for normal or caesarean delivery. We have made a list of hospitals where you can avail an affordable maternity package rate.

Childbirth can be costly especially if you are not able to compare maternity rates. Since each pregnancy is different among women, the exact price rate of giving birth may be different. The good news is you can see a rough estimate of the costs involved in most maternity packages.

Normal Delivery Price Rate in the Philippines

For the most part, normal delivery has a lower rate of expenses than Caesarean section delivery. If your pregnancy is not sensitive or critical, you may be able to give birth with minimal risks of complications.

Normal Delivery Cost

In the Philippines, normal delivery birth may start from Php 25,000 depending on the hospital or clinic. In lying in clinics, the cost may be cheaper since there are fewer expense factors. However, it is best to choose the clinic that can provide you good services.

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Caesarean Delivery Price Rates

On the other hand, the maternity package price for Caesarean delivery can range from Php 60,000 to Php 100,000 which depends on doctor’s fee, surgery, anesthesia, medicines and type of room.

Take note that the room will also have an influence on the maternity package cost. Private rooms are usually more expensive than ward or semi-private rooms.

If your baby will require special equipment, you may also need to consider pricing on incubators or NICU rates.

Free Maternity Services

You may be able to find maternity packages for free in a local hospital. Government hospitals offer free services to the local residents of the city or municipality. However, certain requirements should be met such as having Philhealth or proof of residence.

Where to Give Birth

Choosing a hospital for normal or Caesarean delivery depends on various factors. It is best to compare first the hospitals’ offering as well as the included services in their packages.

Cheap Maternity Package

Ask around and learn more about the available maternity package rates in hospitals. By comparing them, you will have a better idea which one can provide quality services at a cheaper cost. Choose a hospital with the lowest price rate for maternity services.

Doctor’s Availability

If you have a dedicated OB Gyne doctor, ask him or her whether there is an ideal hospital or clinic for your type of pregnancy. It is a good idea to choose a hospital where the doctor is affiliated as this will be easier and more convenient.

High Risk Pregnancy Unit

If you have a high risk pregnancy type, you should also consider a hospital that offers services for such cases. You may be put in a special room or operating room especially made for women with risky pregnancy.

Maternity Package Prices in Hospitals

Remember that package rates may change anytime depending on the hospital, the current surgery procedures, medicine costs, professional fees and type of birth.

Each hospital has its respective price rate for maternity package and will depend on various factors. Moreover, the condition of the patient and her baby will affect the overall required services. Indicated rates provided are estimates only based on external research and patient feedback.


Manila Central University Hospital (MCU Hospital)

Normal delivery, painless normal delivery (epidural) and Caesarean are all available at the hospital. Price rates of package may range from Php 50,000 to Php 100,000 as an estimate.

Las Piñas

The price of maternity package at Perpetual Help Medical Center depends on the type of procedure and may range from Php 75,000 to Php 100,000.

Normal delivery is more affordable and could be applied on room types such as ward, semi-private and private. On the other hand, Ceasarean delivery rates may go up to Php 100,00 or more.


The hospital offers competitive rates for Caesarean and normal delivery. You may expect the price of normal delivery to start from Php 80,000. This may include the professional fees, maternity room, medicines, private room, anesthesiologist and pediatrician.

The cost of Caesarean delivery may range from Php 127,000 and up depending on the needs of the patient and the baby.


An accessible hospital in Manila, Chinese Gen offers some of the more affordable maternity packages. You can choose which amenities and services are included such as maternity room, OB gyn professional fee and epidural anesthesia if necessary.

Normal delivery: Php 50,000 to Php 60,000

Cesarean delivery price: Php may start from Php 90,000

Metropolitan Medical Center

Metropolitan Medical Center maternity package price is influenced by the included services. In most hospitals, this means inclusion of professional fees, delivery room charges, medicines, room types and operating room fees.

The normal delivery price may range from Php 30,000 to Php 70,000 as an estimate. Caesarean delivery price rates may reach up to Php 100,000 depending on the patient’s needs.

Ospital ng Maynila

Being a government hospital, you may avail of the free maternity package. However, make sure to inquire first about the requirements. Usually, they only provide services for those residing in the city or with Philhealth membership.


PGH maternity package price can range from Php 45,000 to Php 60,000 and up. The exact rate will depend on the number of days at the hospital, the procedure type and the necessary medical services.

Normal delivery and Caesarean section delivery are available. If you want painless delivery, an epidural shot may be given.

UST Hospital

The hospital offers high quality maternity services for normal and uncomplicated birth delivery. You may also avail of the Caesarean package with good rates compared to other hospitals.

The price of Caesarean delivery may start from Php 150,000 or more. However, normal delivery may be less expensive depending on the needs of the patients. The OB Gyne and facilities will also influence the total cost of the procedure.


The price of maternity package in Marikina Valley Medical Center is Php 50,000 as an estimate for normal delivery. Caesarean section delivery may cost more as it requires operation and surgery.

Available room types are ward, semi-private and private. Included in most packages are OB gyne fees, anesthesiologist, maternity room, medicines, operating room.

Quezon City

The price of maternity package in Capitol Medical Center is from Php 20,000 and up for a normal delivery. C-section delivery is priced more at around Php 35,000. Take note that the exact rate will depend on inclusions such as ward accommodation, doctor’s fees, medications

You may use your Philhealth account to reduce your actual cost.

Commonwealth Hospital and Medical Center

One of the more accessible hospitals in QC, you may inquire about the latest price rates of their maternity package. Here, you may include labor room, maternity room, operating room and professional fees of doctors in a single package.

Caesarean delivery price rate: Php 80,000 and up for at least four days stay

Normal Delivery price: May range from Php 60,000 to Php 75,000

St. Lukes Medical Center

A premium hospital in Quezon City, St. Luke’s offer some of the best maternity packages in the country. Although it is expected that the rates are competitive and you can expect high quality service from doctors to facilities.

Normal delivery price rate at St. Luke’s may start from Php 60,000 to 80,000. Depending on the amenities availed.

Caesarean delivery price can range from Php 100,000 and up. The packages usually include OB Gyne, labor and maternity rooms, anesthesia and medication if needed.

World City Medical Center

You may also take a look at the maternity package rates at World Citi Medical Center. They offer some of the most affordable services in the city.

The normal delivery cost may start from Php 25,000. Using general anesthesia may start from Php 27,000 depending on the package availed.

Caesarean delivery cost may reach up to Php 30,000 or more. The rates may not include professional fees of the doctors. However, most packages may include medication, room, delivery facilities and/or newborn package.


St. Luke’s Medical Center BGC

The hospital offers one of the best packages in the city. The doctors and staff are all qualified and provide high quality services. For their maternity package, the cost may range from Php 101,000 to Php 165,000 based on the latest data research online.

The Caesarean or C-section delivery is usually more expensive than the normal procedure. The rates are based on a 4 day stay in a Deluxe Private room. Take note that this rate excludes the professional fees of the doctors.


The maternity price rate at Manila East Medical Center could depend on various factors. It will include the professional fee, operating room, room and board and any special equipment or devices needed.


Cebu Doctors University Hospital (Cebudoc)

The hospital offers some of the most affordable packages for both normal and C-section delivery. The price of normal delivery may start from Php 6,000. On the other hand, Caesarean delivery package could start from Php 15,000 and up.

Lying In Clinics

Most lying in clinics and birthing centers are available near you. They can provide good maternity services too. Simply choose the one with good reviews and reputation to ensure that you are getting quality service.

The price of maternity package in Lying-in clinics and birthing centers may range from Php Php 9,000 and up. Depending on the condition of the patient and baby, the cost will be based on the procedures involved during delivery.

Philhealth Coverage

Most maternity package price rates are applicable with Philhealth. You can save a lot by using your account. If you have an HMO card, you may also use it to lessen the total amount of the package. Inquire with your health card provider how you can use your account.

Senior Citizen Maternity Price

Are you pregnant after the age 60? You can still avail of the senior citizen discount for your maternity package expenses. Simply provide the ID to get cheaper rates for doctor’s fee, operating room, maternity room and even medicines.

Take note that due to the sensitivity of your condition, there may be additional expenses included in the package. Usually, the procedure will involve Caesarean section surgery to prevent complications. Ask your doctor about the options that you have.

NICU Room Rates

If you have a newborn baby that requires intensive care unit services, it is best to also consider the hospital’s NICU rates. This way, your baby will be able to receive the most specialized care if health concerns and problems are present.

NICU rates are usually not included in maternity packages.

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