Long day…. needed a minute to unwind. Quick stop at a local staple in town for a cocktail – The Prawnbroker it is!! I wasn’t up to a dining event so I made a quick left turn into the bar after entering the restaurant. I was quickly greeted by the staff which I soon found out was a lovely lady by the name of Ashley. Within minutes I was greeted by two other members of the bar team as well (Walter and Matthew I believe) …. they were all very pleasant!! As I enjoyed my cocktail I began to notice an amazing partnership displayed by that team. It was quite pleasing and it continued throughout the entire length of my stay. Hopefully they are always there when I come to visit. Yes, I stayed longer than anticipated but as you can tell from my experience it was worth it. Eventually my stomach began to rumble so I needed to do something about that (LOL). I ordered the Prawnbroker shrimp which I felt was excellent! Yup, still hungry so I began to ponder on some apps and was pleasantly surprised to know that they offer an extra romanoff or clam casino if you felt the need (small upcharge). This good to know especially when one’s stomach is rumbling. My experience was great all around and definitely makes my decision to return more than probable. They aim to please!!

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