Singer-Link General Aviation Flight Simulator

A qualified Wings of Eagles staff member must be present to operate our flight simulators and they are only available by appointment. Please Contact Us to make arrangements.


Singer-Link General Aviation (GAT-1) Flight Simulator is the first in a series of flight trainers for general aviation. It was designed to teach aviation students from the basics to just before actual instructor accompanied flight. The list of “Characteristics Simulated” shows the basic skills needed to advance to actual flight.

Two other flight simulators followed the GAT-1 in the General Aviation Series. The GAT-2 is designed to instruct pilots in dual-engine/propeller driven aircraft. The GAT-3 provides familiarization for pilots transitioning to dual-engine jet aircraft.

This simulator was donated by Singer-Link and has been used to help maintain Wings of Eagles pilots’ flying skills and train GST BOCES aviation students to flight skills.

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