Top 100 Funny Blogs and Websites

Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong, Hong Kong 9GAG ( is your best source of fun. Follow 9GAG a place for best funny pics, gifs, videos, gaming, anime, manga, movie, tv, cosplay, sport, food, memes, cute, fail, wtf photos on the internet!Also in Humor Blogs 41.6M ⋅ 16.9M ⋅ 30 posts / day View Latest Posts ⋅

2. The Chive – Humor

Austin, Texas, US theCHIVE is a photo-entertainment website independently owned and operated by Resignation, LLC. Images and videos appearing on are selected by staff to offer the great humor and entertainment to the end user. Check out our daily feed of the most humorous stuff on the web. You’ll never be bored at work again. Ever! Keep Calm and Chive On! 3.9M ⋅ 548.9K ⋅ 1.7M ⋅ 7 posts / day View Latest Posts ⋅

3. The Imgur Blog

– Imgur is the best place to share and enjoy the most awesome images on the Internet. Every day, millions of people use Imgur to be entertained and inspired by funny, heartwarming and helpful images and stories from all around the world. 1.4M ⋅ 190.1K ⋅ 1 post / month View Latest Posts ⋅

4. Times of India Opinion | Humour Blog

New Delhi, Delhi, India Browse through Humour Blogs, News, Articles, Expert Opinions & more on Times of India Blog. Find latest news and articles on Humour. 37K ⋅ 14.2M ⋅ 2 posts / month View Latest Posts ⋅

5. Mrs Funnybones Blog – Times of India Blog

New Delhi, Delhi, India Twinkle Khanna aka Mrs Funnybones crafts satirical stories and funny fables. 37K ⋅ 2 posts / month View Latest Posts ⋅

6. Funny Junk Videos

New York City, New York, US Funny place for funniest things : funny pictures, funny gifs, funny comics, funny movies, funny youtube videos. 81.7K ⋅ 212 ⋅ 29 posts / day View Latest Posts ⋅

7. I Can Has Cheezburger?

Seattle, Washington, US Original funniest cat interwebs on the online. Made from the finest internets and where cats go to get famous. 1M ⋅ 1.4M ⋅ 15 posts / day View Latest Posts ⋅

8. The Onion

US America’s Finest News Source. It is a parody news website. The Onion is a Peabody award-winning news source founded in 1765 by Friedrich Siegfried Zweibel. T. Herman Zweibel. Many consider him the ‘Father Of American Journalism,’ also the title of his well-known 1943 biography, written by Norman Rombauer.Also in Satire Blogs, Fake News Blogs 6.3M ⋅ 11.7M ⋅ 2.9M ⋅ 30 posts / week View Latest Posts ⋅

9. Ctrl Alt Del-Cadcomic

A comic about video games and the gamers that play them. 22.6K ⋅ 24.8K ⋅ 3 posts / week View Latest Posts ⋅

10. Sad and Useless Humor was created in 2009 as a sad attempt at humor. And to this day it still is the same old useless site it was meant to be. 558.8K ⋅ 11.1K ⋅ 19K ⋅ 1 post / day View Latest Posts ⋅

11. ZDoggMD- Funny Health care videos, Medical Humor

Las Vegas, Nevada, US Medical humor, funny healthcare videos, medical rap parodies & more from ZDoggMD doctor, international healthcare speaker, and off-white rap superstar.Also in Funny Youtube Channels 2.5M ⋅ 91.3K ⋅ 303.3K ⋅ 5 posts / month View Latest Posts ⋅

12. – Jenny Lawson

Texas City, Texas, US Jenny Lawson has been blogging about her strange little life for almost a decade. Its mainly dark humor mixed with brutally honest periods of mental illness. 207.9K ⋅ 461.3K ⋅ 123K ⋅ 1 post / day View Latest Posts ⋅

13. I Love Charts

Brooklyn, New York, US By people who love charts. For people who love charts. 13.3K ⋅ 16.2K ⋅ 1 post / month View Latest Posts ⋅

14. Clients From Hell

Seattle, Washington, US Clients From Hell posts daily reminders about how difficult it can be to work with clients who often don’t know the first thing about what it is that they’ve hired you to do.Also in Workplace Blogs 21.3K ⋅ 81.4K ⋅ 15 posts / month View Latest Posts ⋅

15. Petcube | Funny Blog

San Francisco, California, US Petcube is for everyone who loves pets. We’re sharing pet-related stories, wellness tips, adoption tales, and adorable pics and videos of pets from all over the globe. 158.7K ⋅ 15.4K ⋅ 61K ⋅ 1 post / quarter View Latest Posts ⋅


Spreading the Awkwardness with hilariously funny photos. Strange, humorous and disturbing family portraits 2.8M ⋅ 27.3K ⋅ 810.6K ⋅ 30 posts / month View Latest Posts ⋅

17. HumorNama

India Humornama is the best Indian entertainment website. It has a huge collection of funny memes, pictures, videos, GIFs, jokes, and hilarious stories.Also in Meme Blogs 132 ⋅ 27 posts / month View Latest Posts ⋅

18. Daily HaHa

Daily funny pictures and humor for a good haha 6.9K ⋅ 84 ⋅ 2 posts / day View Latest Posts ⋅

19. Points in Case – Enlightening and Irreverent Comedy

Atlanta, Georgia, US It is an online comedy publication featuring enlightening and irreverent comedy articles daily. Our goal is to make you laugh; if that also means rubbing you the right way, the wrong way and a new way, our apologies, we thought you were a genie. 3.9K ⋅ 7.7K ⋅ 1.7K ⋅ 1 post / day View Latest Posts ⋅

20. – Crazy Pictures of Insane Internet

Follow this blog to get handpicked collection of hilarious pictures. Incredibly awesome source of humorous, unusual and bizarre images. 37.4K ⋅ 6.5K ⋅ 920 ⋅ 2 posts / day View Latest Posts ⋅

21. Lowering the Bar – Legal Humor. Seriously.

California, US Lowering the Bar is a legal-humor website that provides and comments on weird news with some relationship to civil or criminal law. It also provides an archive of the many legal opinions, pleadings, and other legal documents that are funnier (intentionally or not) than they have any right to be. 2K ⋅ 11.3K ⋅ 3 posts / month View Latest Posts ⋅

22. Laughing Stalk by Erik Deckers

Orlando, Florida, US Laughing Stalk is a weekly newspaper humor column about current events and personal observations. It’s published in ten weekly newspapers and the world’s first online alt newspaper, The American Reporter. 140 ⋅ 18.3K ⋅ 1 post / week View Latest Posts ⋅

23. Wackyy

The leading source of funny and weird products that people actually buy online. Get the best funniest product list to gift someone who needs fun. 10.2K ⋅ 321 ⋅ 4.2K ⋅ 14 posts / month View Latest Posts ⋅

24. Jokes of the day

Jokes of the day – collection – Follow blog to get daily dose of jokes to make people laugh. 68.8K ⋅ 25.2K ⋅ 1 post / month View Latest Posts ⋅

25. Bored a lot? Cure Your boredom Now!

A website dedicated to curing your boredom and making your day a little more amusing. Feeling Bored? then this is the website for you, a selection of funny websites, pointles websites, mischievous websites and WTF websites. 3.3K ⋅ 56 ⋅ 7 posts / month View Latest Posts ⋅

26. Devhumor – Humor for Developers

DevHumor is a community of developers who post photos, memes, gifs and videos for their peers entertainment and amusement. 33.5K ⋅ 6.5K ⋅ 1 post / month View Latest Posts ⋅

27. Drew-The Worst Things For Sale

Columbus, Ohio, US The Internet’s most horrible items. A daily blog. 12.3K ⋅ 73K ⋅ 1 post / week View Latest Posts ⋅

28. Boredpanda- Funny category

Vilnius, Vilniaus apskritis, Lithuania Bored Panda is a leading art, design and photography community for creative people. Our submission platform helps artists and creators turn their stories into must-read viral content. 15M ⋅ 145.9K ⋅ 1M ⋅ 16 posts / week View Latest Posts ⋅

29. Funny Anime gifs/pictures

Welcome! I’m Natalie, and this is a collection of funny anime gifs and pictures. 1 post / quarter View Latest Posts ⋅

30. h i l a r i o u s

∞ ∞ ∞ This is what you call humor ∞ ∞ ∞ 1 post / day View Latest Posts ⋅

31. FAIL Blog

Seattle, Washington, US The internet has generated a huge amount of laughs from cats and fails. And we all out of cats. 1M ⋅ 41.9K ⋅ 4 posts / day View Latest Posts ⋅

32. Pleated-Jeans – Jeff Wysaski

Los Angeles, California, US Pleated-Jeans is a humor site dedicated to one simple goal: making you laugh. From cats and graphs to odd photos and straight up funny pic dumps, you’ll find it here on Pleated-Jeans. 172.4K ⋅ 71.7K ⋅ 4 posts / day View Latest Posts ⋅

33. Dump A Day – Funny Pictures

Spokane Valley, Washington, US Posting literally hundreds of new pictures daily. Dumpaday is working hard to help you pass the time between main events in your life. 137.5K ⋅ 3.9K ⋅ 3.3K ⋅ 6 posts / day View Latest Posts ⋅

34. FMyLife

My life sucks but I don’t give a fuck 3M ⋅ 137.7K ⋅ 8 posts / day View Latest Posts ⋅


England, UK The best funny short jokes because reading is too hard! Offensive jokes are encouraged and only the funniest jokes are selected. Find the best top rated funny short jokes. 37 ⋅ 2 posts / week View Latest Posts ⋅

36. HumorOutcasts | Humor Writing Blog

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US is a place to write, laugh and think. It is the result of a brainstorming session between several humor writers who longed for a site that would allow them to push the envelope and spread their creative wings. On this site you will find humorists, stand-up comics, entertainers, cartoonists and writers of serious subject matter all who believe in the power of humor. 1.5K ⋅ 3 posts / day View Latest Posts ⋅

California, US Desiree Eaglin writes real and funny stories, helpful reviews and easy recipes to celebrate motherhood and to make the most fun out of parenting as possible.Also in Mom Blogs 15.2K ⋅ 3.8K ⋅ 2 posts / quarter View Latest Posts ⋅


Florida, US We write about things that are fun, in a fun way, and try to have fun doing so. 13.3K ⋅ 19 ⋅ 4 posts / month View Latest Posts ⋅

39. Elisberg Industries

Robert J. Elisberg is a Los Angeles-based screenwriter, novelist, Huffington Post columnist and tech writer. Elisberg Industries provides thoughtul and often humorous insights into news, entertainment and much else in between. 3.7K ⋅ 2 posts / day View Latest Posts ⋅

40. Laugh Break

The Best Place for Clean Jokes and Useless Facts! 248 ⋅ 648 ⋅ 4 posts / quarter View Latest Posts ⋅

41. FailDesk

The FailDesk is a humor site dedicated to all the IT professionals out there who work so tirelessly and diligently to make sure ‘the system stays up’. 5.4K ⋅ 362 ⋅ 89 ⋅ 2 posts / quarter View Latest Posts ⋅

42. My Odd Sock | A funny look at life with a limp.

Ohio, US My Odd Sock is my glimmer of inspiration, a creative dream of a lifetime! A funny guy with multiple sclerosis. MS confirmed by MRI. Funny still up for debate.Also in Multiple Sclerosis Blogs 667 ⋅ 1 post / month View Latest Posts ⋅

43. Keep Laughing Forever | Jokes, Hoodies and T-Shirts

The funniest jokes on the net! Plus the best selection of original Aussie and Kiwi T-shirts and Hoodies. Shipping worldwide! Come visit us for a giggle and keep laughing forever! 71.5K ⋅ 9 ⋅ 1 post / week View Latest Posts ⋅

44. Meme Dreams

Great collection of memes that I like, updated whenever I get a chance to feel like it. I do not own the rights to these unless stated otherwise. 14.5K ⋅ 1 post / week View Latest Posts ⋅

45. Dir en grey -DIR EN HUMOR

A blog revolving all around the humorous side of Dir en grey. It’s supposed to be a happy place, so I hope the content on here will make you smile! You’ll find pictures, gifs, interviews, videos, stories, audios and sometimes some memes or macros here. 3 posts / month View Latest Posts ⋅

46. Life is Like This

India A dose of entertainment, a lot of humor, a bit of philosophy. 142 ⋅ 5 ⋅ 3 posts / month View Latest Posts ⋅

47. Hilarious Teen

Laughing for 10 minutes is good for your abs and muscles, follow me for an intense workout! 2 posts / week View Latest Posts ⋅

48. Carol E. Wyer- Grumpy Old Menopause

Stafford, England, UK Carol E.Wyer is an Award winning humorous author and blogger. This blog is must read and highly recommended for womens as it is the perfect blend of humour and excellent advice to help all women sail through the menopause. 10.6K ⋅ 4 posts / quarter View Latest Posts ⋅

49. | The Best Place for Clean Jokes and Useless Facts!

If you’re having a rough day, you need a Laugh Break. Hilarious stories. Some are true, some are not, but they’re all funny. Follow the Best Place for Clean Jokes and Useless Facts! 248 ⋅ 4 posts / quarter View Latest Posts ⋅

50. Dr. Sue

Dr. Sue is an Author/Creator of Books, Musicals, Comedies, Songs, Plays, and Poetry and a Journalist-Blogger.Also in Positivity Blogs 2 posts / month View Latest Posts ⋅

51. NoJokesComedy

South Africa Features daily updates, interviews, original productions, merchandise, editorials, comedy events and latest stories as it unfolds. NoJokesComedy’s team main mission is to show a hip-pop side to the world of jokes beyond the usual appeal. The overall process for us here at NoJokesComedy is to create, build a platform designed to introduce the newest wave of comedians and stories happening today and beyond. 1K ⋅ 1.6K ⋅ 20 posts / month View Latest Posts ⋅


LOL WHY is Viral memes, Entertaining website. Get LOlwhy Viral, Funny, N Video. 2 posts / month View Latest Posts ⋅

53. IISuperwomanII – Youtube

Markham, Ontario, Canada Lilly Singh aka Superwoman is a Toronto based entertainer who has acclaimed worldwide fame through her YouTube videos. She is a sassy South Asian female that makes you laugh, makes you think and most importantly, makes you feel good. Lilly does everything from creating videos to stand-up comedy and motivational speaking. Also in Most Subscribed Youtube Channels, Canadian Youtube Channels 5.4M ⋅ 9.2M ⋅ 1 post / week ⋅ Dec 2010 View Latest Posts ⋅

54. Fail Army

US Follow FailArmy the world’s number one source for epic fail videos and hilarious compilations. We’re powered by fan submissions and feedback from all around the world, with over 30 million fans across digital platforms.Also in Humor Youtube Channels 18.3M ⋅ 115 ⋅ 2 posts / week ⋅ Jul 2011 View Latest Posts ⋅

55. Parody by Bart BaKer

Los Angeles, California, US Hi I’m Bart! I’m the king of music video parodies! SUBSCRIBE and I’ll make it worth your while.Also in Parody Blogs 1.1M ⋅ 1M ⋅ 820.4K ⋅ 1 post / quarter View Latest Posts ⋅

56. Just For Laughs Gags | Funniest and Best Pranks

Montreal, Quebec, Canada Just For Laughs Gags is the best hidden camera pranks channel on YouTube. Our videos are some of the funniest and best pranks ever posted on the web. Also in Prank Youtube Channels 10.7M ⋅ 31.9K ⋅ 6 posts / day ⋅ Jan 2007 View Latest Posts ⋅

57. America’s Funniest Home Videos

US America’s Funniest Videos (AFV) is America’s longest-running funny video television program. We’ve been collecting funny viral videos since 1989. Here you’ll find funny videos, viral videos, prank videos, funny animal videos, funny baby videos, classic videos, and the best compilations and music montages of some of the funniest videos you’ve ever seen. 17.8M ⋅ 101.3K ⋅ 1 post / day ⋅ Aug 2010 View Latest Posts ⋅

58. HooplaKidz TV | Funny Cartoons For Children

India Watch the complete collection of hilarious cartoon shows where children will laugh out loud as they watch the funny Gazoon, the educational I am a Dinosaur & many more cartoons along with colorful nursery rhymes with Cup & Cake!!!Also in Cartoon Blogs, Kids Youtube Channels, Cartoons Youtube Channels 286.8K ⋅ 14.6K ⋅ 1 post / day ⋅ Mar 2012 View Latest Posts ⋅

59. The Hillywood Show

Las Vegas, Nevada, US The Hillywood Show® is the brainchild of internet celebrities, comedy sister duo Hilly & Hannah. Here you will find parody on movies and TV shows. 212.2K ⋅ 111K ⋅ 2 posts / month View Latest Posts ⋅

60. Dangmattsmith

Los Angeles, California, US Just a boy being himself and trying to make you laugh. Follow and enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content.Also in Black Male Youtubers 416.1K ⋅ 93.4K ⋅ 1.3M ⋅ 3 posts / week ⋅ Aug 2011 View Latest Posts ⋅

61. Funny Songs Nursery Rhymes

US Funny songs and worldwide famous nursery rhymes for children and family plus lots of other surprises. 4.2K ⋅ 1 post / month View Latest Posts ⋅

62. Funny Vines – Youtube

Switzerland Funny Vines,funny falls. 1.2K ⋅ 74 ⋅ 1 post / week View Latest Posts ⋅

63. Funny Vines – Youtube

US Funny Vines brings you the best comps from the funniest top Viners. 8 posts / week View Latest Posts ⋅

64. Funny or Die

Hollywood, California, US Funny Or Die is a comedy video website that combines user-generated content with original, exclusive content. The site is a place where celebrities, established and up-and-coming comedians and regular users can all put up stuff they think is funny. 15.1M ⋅ 13.2M ⋅ 30 posts / year View Latest Posts ⋅

Epic fails, funny videos and other crazy compilations that are coming up every week. 37 ⋅ 1 post / year View Latest Posts ⋅

66. theRACKUP is a men’s lifestyle blog full of kickass stuff like fashion & dating advice, cars, gadgets, funny videos, and of course pictures of hot chicksAlso in Mens Blogs, Women’s Lifestyle Blogs, Men’s Lifestyle Magazines 27.6K ⋅ 7.2K ⋅ 29 posts / year View Latest Posts ⋅

67. The Absolute Funniest Posts

Only funny posts with 1,000 notes or more. The largest humor blog on Tumblr. View Latest Posts ⋅

68. Break

US Break brings you the best viral videos, funny photos, and comedy content on the web. Our daily mission: Make the internet break again and again. Our humor hits hard and we take no prisoners. There’s no Geneva Convention of Comedy! 5.8M ⋅ 34.5K ⋅ Dec 2005 View Latest Posts ⋅

69. Trolling Station

We share funny videos, accidents, commercials and everything related to make sure you gain positive emotions View Latest Posts ⋅

70. Funny And Fail Videos

Watch funny video’s on youtube View Latest Posts ⋅

71. The Joe Rogan Experience

A standup comedian Joe Rogan talks about politics in a silly and a comedy way. The podcast has a menagerie of ideas, concepts, conversations and deep dives in the roots of the topic. 6.4M ⋅ 5.6M ⋅ 8.6M ⋅ Dec 2009 View Latest Posts ⋅

72. | Online Funny Video Clips And Short Comedy Skits For You

Poiunt is the best place to watch funny and entertaining video clips and short comedy skits that will make you smile and laugh hard. Watch our videos and skits and have fun. 202 View Latest Posts ⋅

73. Kick! Making Politics Fun

Dimmitt, Texas, US Making Politics Fun 36 ⋅ 134 View Latest Posts ⋅

US This is an R-Rated mom/wife blog intended only for adults with a sense of humor. Most stories are real except for the ones I am lying about.Also in Funny Mom Blogs 115.6K View Latest Posts ⋅

75. Work Rant

UK Workrant is an anonymous sounding board for you to release all that stress you have been holding on to about your job, boss, colleagues and clients. 271 ⋅ 7 posts / year View Latest Posts ⋅

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