Welcome to my WorkSharpEasy website. You may have met me at a hunting, fishing or gun show. Or maybe a friend sent you a link to this app, or you found it through a social networking site. But however you got here, welcome!!

I demonstrate and sell the Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpeners. There are several different models of the Work Sharp sharpeners. You can see the latest model, the “Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener – Ken Onion Edition”, in the photo at the top of this page. It’s an amazing machine, and to see it in action, watch the video below:

The very first Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener came out several years ago, is still very popular and available to buy, and has become a favorite for general sharpening of outdoor knives, kitchen knives, scissors & garden tools. Watch the next video to see a demonstration of it:

Here’s another video of the basic Work Sharp sharpener, in use by hunters and fishermen:

ADVANCED TRAINING VIDEOS:  The sharpener comes with a Users Guide and a DVD training video. These cover basic training, and you should read and watch them in order to get good results with your sharpener. But I’ve created 24 Advanced Training Videos that will help you to get razor-sharp edges every time, and that will give you tips, advice and troubleshooting information that will help if you want to become expert with your sharpening skills. To see these videos, click on the “Videos” tab at the top of any webpage (also found in the right-hand sidebar under “Website Pages”).

If you’d rather go to YouTube to watch these same videos, click here: 

And while there, please subscribe to my “WorkSharpEasy” YouTube Channel. Thanks!!

The Work Sharp is different than other sharpeners that are sold to the public. It’s a “slack belt” system, a minature version of the same belt sharpeners that the pro sharpeners and custom knife makers use. It gives what’s called a “convex grind” rather than a “V profile”. The convex profile is what the Samurai sword makers put on their blades. It gives an edge that cuts with very little resistance because its convex shoulders push material away from the blade, rather than up the shoulders (as with the V profile). Also the blades stay sharper longer, and with the final 6000 grit honing belt, you can get a razor sharp edge every time! It doesn’t peel metal off your blades, like many home sharpeners do. It’s a non-agressive method and only takes off a minimum of metal. It takes an average of 2 minutes to bring a dull knife to razor sharp, around 5 minutes to remove large nicks and damage, and an average of 30 seconds to resharpen your knife. And it’s fun and easy! You’ll become a sharpening expert in no time!

The original (basic) sharpener comes with an instruction booklet and DVD, with 6 belts (2 of each grit), with a 20 degree kitchen knife guide and a mutifunction 25 degree outdoor knife+scissor+serrated knife guide. It will sharpen all your knives, big or small, straight or serrated, kitchen, hunting, folding, filet or gut hook. It does scissors, arrow heads, box cutters, garden shears, tin snips, shovels, axes, even lawn mower blades.

I also sell the more complete “Field Model” Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener. It’s the same as the basic Work Sharp sharpener described above, but it also includes a ceramic crock stick honing rod that’s perfect for restoring an edge when out in the woods hunting or on the lake fishing, or any time electricity isn’t available. It also includes a great-looking zipper canvas bag and extra abrasive belts.

I also sell a newer sharpener that’s totally amazing: “The Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener Ken Onion Edition.” It’s designed to sharpen every knife you own with speed, ease and repeatability. Using a fully adjustable precision sharpening guide (15° to 30° in 1° increments), a more powerful variable speed motor and premium flexible abrasive belts, it sharpens pocket & hunting knives, kitchen knives and any other shape or type of blade. It also sharpens serrated knives, household scissors, broadheads, lawnmower blades, machetes, axes, shovels and performs many other tool sharpening tasks. Professional blade makers like Ken Onion use flexible belts to put a razor sharp edge on their blades, now you can have the same technology in your home or shop. Work Sharp Engineered and Ken Onion Designed to deliver the pinnacle of knife sharpening to your home or shop. Scroll up to the top of this page and watch a video on it.

And I sell the “Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener.” It’s light, compact, pocketable, doesn’t use electricity and is perfect when you’re out in the woods, on the lake, or anywhere away from civilization. I now have it in stock, and you’ve got to check it out! Watch the next video to see it in action. And while you’re at it, watch my new Guided Field Sharpener “how-to” video on my “Videos” page on this website (see “Videos” tab at the top of each page).

All these sharpeners are made by Darex LLC in Ashland, Oregon, the same company that makes the Drill Doctor (for drill bit sharpening) and the Work Sharp 3000 (used by woodworkers). And the company tech support ladies speak English (they’re at the factory in Oregon)! It gets extremely good reviews from both pros and regular folks. You just may want to purchase your very own Work Sharp!!

I also now stock & sell the Drill Doctor 500X, for professionally sharpening all your drill bits. I have them at my shows, or call me if you’re interested. And I carry extra abrasive belts in several grits, even in diamond grits (for sharpening ceramic knives), and I carry parts.

I give discounts and ship anywhere in the USA. Just go to the “Store” page and you can place an order for your new sharpener, and I’ll ship it to you.

I’ve built a Web App for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices. If you want to view it or install it on any of these devices, go to this website:   Once there, you have the option to either view the website or install the Web App to your device. If you just view the website, you can then bookmark the website or put it into your browser favorites. If you install the Web App, it will put an icon on your home screen and you can open the App any time you want with just one click. From there you can navigate the menu, watch videos, see my show schedule, or contact me by phone or email. This Web App also displays as a regular full website on desktop or laptop computers. You can also quickly and easily install this “SharpEasy” Web App by scanning the QR Code (below) using your smartphone or tablet:

QRgen - 196x196

If you have this App on your iPhone, you can click on the “Talk to Us!” link at the top of the screen and it will open a form which will get emailed to me, with any of your comments or questions.

If you’re thinking of buying a new Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener, go to the “Store” page. Or call me at 408-655-6449 or toll-free at 888-368-4465 and you can place your order over the phone, if you prefer.

Thanks sooo much! And STAY SHARP!!



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